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Recommended Viewing and Listening

The following list of resources was compiled for people that want to learn more about Haseenay (Caddo) people, history, language, and culture but aren't sure where to begin. This list of resources is meant to be a guide for beginners, and it is not exhaustive. Please be mindful in your research that there are some websites, books, and videos on the internet with inaccurate information about Haseenay matters and they have not been vetted by our cultural authorities. The Haseenay community strongly advises all researchers against perpetuating the spread of misinformation about Haseenay hahyahno by taking into consideration whether the source can be traced back to a real Haseenay informant. For the sake of clarity, people who are members and descendants of the federally recognized Caddo Nation of Oklahoma are considered appropriate Haseenay informants.

Please see the recommended reading blog post for more resources. There is far more detailed information on Haseenay history, culture, and language in printed form than in video form.

Playlist of educational Caddo videos

The California Language Archive's Daniel Da Cruz Collection of Caddo Sound Recordings of Sadie Bedoka Weller

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