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Highlighting Haseenay Creatives

Caddo Art is a creative self-reflection of our unique Haseenay cultural identity—past, present, and future. The following is a list of Caddo artists, but it is not exhaustive. Please consider supporting living Haseenay artists by sharing their work or purchasing some Caddo art of your own. Please take care to note whether a Caddo artist is in compliance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 and report an IACA violation if you encounter them.

Notable Caddo artists/artisans who do not have a website:

  • Merle Keyes - Silversmith

  • Thompson Williams - painter

  • Phil Cross - Caddo bowyer and grass house maker

  • William Supernaw - Silversmith

  • Wayne TaySha Earles - Stone carver

Departed Caddo artists/artisans

  • Mary Lou Davis - Potter

  • Michael Martin Silvermoon - Painter

  • Billie Ruth Martin Hoff - Illustrator

Notable Caddo artists who have a website:

Jeri Redcorn - Potter

Yonavea Hawkins - Beadwork artist

Chad Nish Earles - Graphic design and apparel

Chase Kahwinhut Earles - Potter

Raven Halfmoon - Sculptor

Jennifer Reeder - Beadwork artist

Tracy Newkumet - Regalia

Kira Hayen - Multimedia artist

River Whittle - Multimedia artist

Dolores Purdy - Ledger artist

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